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About Me

An engineer who earned a BE in Electronics and Telecom, PGD in Nanotechnology and now most importantly holds the title – ‘Mom’ to a 1-year old, I believe Food is a divine gift that nourishes body, mind and spirit.

My interest in cooking developed from the time when I was little; we used to stay in joint family and my grandmother used to prepare different kinds of savories in home, I too got inclined towards cooking and making varieties of delicacies.

Indeed I take great pleasure in cooking but it makes me feel with an immense sense of satisfaction in nourishing the family with good, healthy and sattvik foods. Alongside the freshly prepared meal daily, it’s equally important for us to have at least one meal together as a family. After my son was born, I started accumulating all the knowledge regarding child’s well-being and health. I delved deeply into the concepts of food and nutrition in order to have an uncomplicated birth and raising healthy child with no issues.

Life is so abundant and creative, eating should be as well!! For me healthy eating and living is like 80/20 rule – it’s like having the majority of choices healthy so that those occasional splurges no way can gain control over you.

This blog is my quest for exploring the divinity of food, the recipes are developed wisely for exotic flavors, efficient digestion and the proper assimilation of nutrients and all with good intentions of health, healing and vibrancy.


3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Good morning! What a great discovery…your blog! Can’t wait to recieve more recipes. When you have a moment come visit my new blog at http://www.redwinefinefood.com

  2. hello SK..Thanks for visiting my space..am your new follower 🙂 going to visit more recipes now on ur space

  3. I really like your blog. Hence I have nominated you for Super Sweet Blogging Award. You can collect it here
    With this nomination, I wanted to intimate you that I admire you for your great efforts that you put-in for your posts which I love to read every time I visit.

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