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Food and its connection with Body, Mind and Spirit.

Here starts the journey! The first post of my new budding blog. When it came to deciding on the topic of my first post, I thought of writing about this divine gift itself..Food. Its an important aspect of life which nourishes the body, mind and spirit. Although this is a vast topic how Food forms the five elements of our body(space, air, fire, water and earth) and the mind, here’s a brief summary:

Food plays a vital role in the development of physical level, mind-emotional level and energetic-spiritual level. The man is indirectly connected to the Sun, which is the supreme energy provider of all life, through Food. Only Food has the ability to trap this light energy to the energy which man further uses for its existence. The mind is connected to the body through the breathe. Food supplies energy to all layers of the body. The innermost sheath of the body is called as ‘Annamaya kosha‘ – the body of food. All these mechanisms are put in place, and they work outside the physical abilities of man. By having healthy choices, we create life energy in the body and by making bad choices, we diminish the life energy within the body.

A few guidelines from Vedas:
1. Choose quality foods that nourishes life energy, purifies mind and give strength, health, happiness and satisfaction.
2. Cook, serve and eat with a good mood and in a pleasant atmosphere. These are as important to proper digestion as the quality of the food.
3. Combine foods wisely. There are some combinations restricted like vegetables and raw fruits; fresh milk with vegetables, etc. many of which would find a mention in the coming posts.
4.Don’t pour water on the fire of digestion. Calorie refers to the heat released when food is burnt. The effect of drinking water while having food is an important consideration while eating.
5. Occasional fasting gives the digestive system a rest and refreshes the mind and senses; and improves the body strength and will power.

अन्नम ना निन्ध्यतः
अन्नम ना परिचक्षीतः
अन्नं  बहु  कुर्वीतः
अन्नं वै प्राणः

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